Monday, November 9, 2009

review of boombang

Boom Bang is a kids social network and virtual world. It is kinda weird though. there are no filters on the website and it enables you to say or DO, whatever you want such as farting on people, drinking beer, cussing people out, use steroids, kissing boys, and other sick demented things. Its a good concept that allows you to make your own pad on an island and hang with your virtual Homi's but its very rough. you can also rate if a person is sexy or slimy, boring or interesting, and other categories. There is no age limit on Boom Bang and all you need is an email address. there are no games on Boom Bang and all you do is talk and that increases the risk of kids dealing out vital information.
I think this is a very good idea but somethings should be fixed and added before this website hits prime time again. such as...
1. a filter for inappropriate language.
2. no same gender signs of affection
3. take out the farting and spitting affects along with the alcoholic beverages.
4. also take out the rating of people attractiveness as that can hurt people feelings.
5. put a safety quiz in there before you allow people
entertainment was a 7 out of 10
safety was a 1 out of 10
overall 3 out of 10

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