Friday, November 20, 2009

Chamber of Chat

Chamber of Chat is a social network site that is based on the Harry Potter series. When you sign in for an account you just put in your email address and screen name and password. The site says that you have to be at least thirteen years of age, but this does not stop younger kids from getting on the site. The confirmation email usually takes up to one day until you receive it. When you finally accept the confirmation email you are able to start playing. The characters are Hogwarts students. You are able to move around with a portkey. When you choose which place you would like to go to, you are able to chat with the people there. You are able to say what you want but some words get you put in the dungeon tower for a minute. I know this is not the best punishment for saying a bad word. After being released from the dungeon you are able to go back to the place you were. I am concerned about the chat because people ask other people where they live and how old they are. This could be a concern for many parents whose children do not realize the threat of predators. I do not think that this is a site for young kids because it talks about magic and some parents are not wanting their child to know about that kind of stuff. Overall this site was fun, but confusing at the same time. Harry Potter fans would love this site, but it is still not very suitable for young kids. I would rate this site to be a five out of ten. I gave it this score determined on how fun, safe, and educational this site was.

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