Tuesday, November 17, 2009


MoshiMonsters is an online virtual world for kids. MoshiMonsters is a free site. There is an upgrade to the fun, but it comes with a price. Your child will have plenty to do on the free version of MoshiMonster. It is very safe and encourages children not to share their whole name, or any other personal information. When you sign up for an account, a list of rules pops up ,as shown to the left. These regulations include keeping personal information to yourself and not bullying other members. MoshiMonsters includes fun, clean games that will enhance your child's mind. Many of the puzzles included are vocabulary building, math, and trivia for kids who like to be challenged. The only concern you might have for your child is the appearance of one of the monsters. It has a blood-like substance running out of it's mouth and wears tattered clothing. Your child will see these around but will not have to interact with them if he/she so chooses. Your kids will learn responsibility values by caring for their monster. They will find out how to earn "Rox", equivalent to money, for spending ,and then how to spend wisely on food, clothing, and furniture for their monsters home. There is a form of chatting is on MoshiMonsters. It is found on the pin board in their monster's home. There is a filter, and if there is the case that something disturbing comes through, you or your child can report it to MoshiMonster's moderators and they will review it. If after your child signs up for MoshiMonster and you wish for their profile to be terminated, there are ways for you to do so. I give MoshiMonster a nine out of 10 for safety, fun, and all around greatness!

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