Thursday, November 19, 2009


Millsberry is a virtual site that is run by General Mills. Some of the games on Millsberry are educational and that is a plus. One downside to the site is, since it is run by General Mills, there are tons of their products displayed on each page and in the games. It is your choice whether or not you see it as a bad thing or not. On Millsberry, your child will create their own avatar and a house for he/she to live. Both are customizable and can be changed as often as wished. Your child's identity is protected with a user name of his/her choice. Interaction with others on the site is not done through chatting, but done in a form of a postcard that can be sent to someone if you know their user name. Other than looking around another avatar's house, that is the only contact that your child might come to any other members. Many good messages are displayed including, encouraging your child to eat healthy foods, do community services, clean their room, and help the environment. I would say this is a great site for kids between the ages of eight and twelve because of its confusing navigation of the site. Overall Millsberry is a safe, fun, and challenging site, and I give it a seven out of ten for all-around clean online fun.

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