Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Fantage was a kid site that Hannah and I reviewed. Basically, it was a kid site that you could talk, play games, and buy things for your avatar, which flies around on a hoverboard. You start off by signing up. Then, you get to choose what your avatar looks like. Next, you get to choose what type of chat you want. there are three types. The first one is 13+. The second one is the Fantage chat, which means that everything you say will be monitored. The last option you have is to not have any chatting at all. After that you are all by yourself to do whatever you want.There are many things to do like play games, dress up your avatar, and talk to other people. Our team's favorite game was 'rail rocket', which you are grinding on a rail with your hoverboard, and you try to dodge the cones and the spikes. Overall, this was a great social site for kid's 8-12. Fantage scored 8 out of 10.

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