Friday, November 20, 2009

Girlsense: Good to Go

Girlsense is a website for girls. It is fun and inspires creativity when you create your own clothing, botiques, and models.

This is the botique I created. The botique creater is very easy to use and fun. However, you are allowed to have "human" models in your botique. These models where underwear until you dress them in you outfits you have ceated. Despite this Girlsense is very appropriate and fun for girls. Girlsense has a feature called babble. It is much like a cross between facebook and twitter in the respect that you "tell how you are feeling" and you follow your friends. A great thing about babble is that it allows you to talk without allowing swear words. Whenever someone attempts to cuss, a box like this pops up.

This is very good filter. I have tried innumerable inappropriate words, and every time, this box appears. However, has one thing that I have found that has escaped the filter. The most glaring is a game called "A Day of Slacking". This game teaches a person to dodge homework and chores. This is probably not what every mother wants their child learning to do. The worst part of this game is that it allows people playing the game to drink beer.

However, despite the few things that have slipped under the Girlsense radar, it is still a fun and creative site for kids. I think if a person were to allow their child to play Girlsense with specific instructions not to play this game that it would be truly enjoyable for the child as well as safe. Overall rating 7 out of 10


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