Monday, December 14, 2009

Cartoon Network Fusion Fall MMO

Cartoon Network had a lot of fun and addicting games on the site that were aimed for 8-12 year olds. Most of the games were pretty straightforward like shooting garbage or fighting evil ninja. The only games that require an account were the game creators.

The creator I tested was Star Wars that requires and account to send the games to cartoon network.

The Fusion Fall game is a MMO game that was made by cartoon network. The game requires the player to make an avatar to fight the Fusion monsters. The filter was good it did not allow cussing and it made the avatar say coco over and over. The primary weapons in the game are laser guns and melee weapons like swords. The gun part may cause come concern for younger kids because their parents may not want them to be playing that type of game, even if it is just used to kill the monsters. The game is pretty safe because there was one problem I found with someone wanting a date and I have not seen anything else since. I give cartoon network and fusion fall a 7 out of ten

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